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Lit Block BookLikes Project Spring 2016
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Jeff Kinney

When this book came out, I was a little too old to fully appreciate it, but my two younger brothers absolutely adored this book. Sometimes it is difficult to get young boys reading and then getting them interested in what they are reading. With this book, I have seen kids who absolutely hate reading tear this book up! The students love it. This book is appropriate from any grade 2nd through 8th. You could do a book study or (a fun activity I saw on pinterest) a multiplication game that goes along with the book! 

The Real Mother Goose - Blanche Fisher Wright

This is a thick collection of many, many fairy tales and rhymes. This book would be good for any grades 2n to 5th. It would be so easy to pair this collection with a unit on traditional nursery rhymes. There are hundreds of limericks and poems in this book. Students could choose any nursery rhyme they want and they would figure out where it originated, they could write a continuation of the poem ,or maybe even act out the poem. There are an endless amount of ideas on pinterest about this book. 

Sonny's Beloved Boots - Lisa Stubbs

This book is another one that I grew up reading. I would recommend this book to either a preschool class or a Kindergarten class. You could pair this book with a lesson about weather. The book is about a little duck who received a pair of rain boots for his birthday. All day, he is hoping for it to rain so he can wear his boots. This book is incredibly cute and would be perfect for younger students. 

Parts - Tedd Arnold

This book is absolutely hilarious. It has two books that comes after it that basically talk about the same thing. I love this book because students think it is terribly funny. The illustrations are amazing and really make the story even better. This whole book is about a little boy who hears common phrases but takes them way too literally. These books would be great to pair with a lesson on figurative language. I would use this in a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom because younger students probably would not understand the play on words. 

Amelia Bedelia - Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel

These books are wonderful for children who are beginning to read chapter books, maybe 1st or 2nd grade. These books are great because it teaches students that you need to look at the context in which things are being talked about. A good activity to pair with these books could be to work on anything with idioms. Students love these books because they are hilarious and they are perfect for starting chapter books. Each chapter is only a few pages long. There are multiple books in this series and I think it important to have them in the classroom.

The Recess Queen - Alexis O'Neill, Laura Huliska-Beith

This is a wonderful book. It would be ideal for younger students but would still be appropriate for students in older grades. The book basically teaches against bullying. I think this is an important book to read because bullying is so important to eradicate in a classroom because it can become to dangerous so quick. This book teaches us that it is important to be sweet to all your classmates. I can see this book being taught in all grades and is, in my opinion, essential for a classroom library.

How I Became a Pirate - Melinda Long, David Shannon

I loved this book growing up. I cannot really see any substantial activities being paired with this book, but you could possibly read it during a lesson on pirates. The book is just very funny. David Shannon has some wonderful books to fill a classroom library with and this is one of them. Students in grades 1st-5th would love this book, although it would be appropriate for all ages. It is funny and extremely entertaining.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - Laura Joffe Numeroff, Felicia Bond

This book is another classic. Children love to read these because they are incredibly silly and fairly easy to read. I could see a 2nd or 3rd grade class doing an in-depth study on these books. Once again, there are tons of different ideas on pinterest to go along with this book. One idea is to maybe let students write their own book; such as If you Give a Mouse a __________. Students would be able to expand their creative abilities by creating, writing, and possibly illustrating their won stories.

Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse - Kevin Henkes

This book is wonderful for the classroom. It is about a little mouse named Lily who received a present from her grandmother and she was so excited to bring it to school. When she asked to show the class, her teacher told her she had to wait. She didnt like that so she went ahead and showed the class, which resulted in her getting her new things taken up. She gets mad at her teacher but soon realizes why she was wrong and reconciles with her teacher. This book could be an example in the classroom of how students ahould act in the classroom. This book would be perfect for students to understand how to act appropriately in the classroom. I have also taught a lesson on this book and I paired it with an activity on making movie posters for this book. The class loved it! I could see this book being used ideally with grades 1st-3rd.

Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

I love this book because it is another one that helps develop and bolster students' self esteem. This book is basically about a little mouse who was made fun of because of her unusual name. Throughout the book, she was ridiculed. It wasn't until the end of the book that she discovers that it is good to be unique and it is something to be proud of. Like A Bad Case of Stripes, this book is important to have in the classroom because it encourages students to take pride in their uniqueness. This book could be read to literally any age.

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

This is another classic book that is basically essential for the classroom. The book talks about a little girl that just wants to fit in so she denies herself of her favorite food, lima beans. Through a series of events, she becomes very sick. The only way to cure herself, is if she is brave and does what makes her happy (eating lima beans) even if it is not the popular thing. This is a great book because it shows children that it is not important to always try to fit in, it is important to be yourself. I can see this book being read to any children in grades K-5th, where there is extreme pressure to fit in with other students. This book could be linked to activities that bolster self esteem in students.

Magic Tree House Complete 49 Book Series - Mary Pope Osborne

This is another wonderful series I grew up reading. Mary P Osborne did a wonderful job. All of these books are reference something historical, so with every book, you are learning a piece of history. Like Junie B Jones, they are perfect for children who want to begin reading chapter books. They are fairly short but are packed with a lot of information. Students could easily do many types of history projects with these books. I could see students anywhere from 2nd and above reading these books. They are absolutely wonderful and I definitely recommend having multiple MTH books in your classroom.

JUNIE B. JONES 25-BOOK SET (Junie B. Jones . . . and the Stupid Smelly Bus, and a Little Monkey Business, and Her Big Fat Mouth, and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying , and the Yucky Blucky Fruitcake, and That Meanie Jim's Birthday, Loves Handsome Warren, Has a Mo - Barbara Park

I cannot write enough about this series and Barbara Park. Growing up, these were my absolute, all time favorite books. I had every single one of her books. They are funny, interesting, and easy to read at any age. Junie B Jones was a huge part of my childhood. These books are perfect for children who want to begin reading chapter books. Each chapter is only a few pages long. This series would be great for either an independent study, a book report, a book club, or really anything at all. Barbara Park did an outstanding job with this series. I highly recommend having many of these books in your classroom!!

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Judi Barrett, Ron Barrett

This is such an easy book to pair with any type of lesson. Currently, my CT just finished a unit on this book. She paired it with multiple different activities for her first graders. I could also see this book being used for any grades K-5th. I think the most important thing about this book is that you can pair many subjects with it, if needed. The students loved this book because it was silly and the illustrations are beautiful.

Caps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business - Esphyr Slobodkina

This book is very old and one that I remember being read since I was very little. The reason I gave it so few stars is because I think it is a classic and definitely should be read, I do not know how well it would be for a whole group lesson. The only possibility is that you could read it before a math lesson for Kindergartners while they learn counting. The older the students get, I do not think they would be very interested in this book.

Where the Sidewalk Ends - Shel Silverstein

This collection of poems could be used for any grade, at any age. For younger students, you could do a lesson on rhyming words. Students could raise their hands when they hear words that rhyme. For older students, there is a stream of never-ending ideas for the classroom on pinterest. It could be as simple as having everyone break into groups and memorize and act out a poem. This collection is perfect for all ages because it is funny and incredibly creative. Whatever you do, the students will love it.