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Maggie's BookLikes Project

Lit Block BookLikes Project Spring 2016
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse - Kevin Henkes

This book is wonderful for the classroom. It is about a little mouse named Lily who received a present from her grandmother and she was so excited to bring it to school. When she asked to show the class, her teacher told her she had to wait. She didnt like that so she went ahead and showed the class, which resulted in her getting her new things taken up. She gets mad at her teacher but soon realizes why she was wrong and reconciles with her teacher. This book could be an example in the classroom of how students ahould act in the classroom. This book would be perfect for students to understand how to act appropriately in the classroom. I have also taught a lesson on this book and I paired it with an activity on making movie posters for this book. The class loved it! I could see this book being used ideally with grades 1st-3rd.